Dr Sara Andersdotter is a London based researcher and installation artist, with a practice-based PhD in Fine Art from the University of the Arts London. Her thesis, Choking on the madeleine: encounters and alternative approaches to memory in a contemporary art practice involves a critique of dominant discourses surrounding memory, and uses Deleuzean philosophy in developing alternative, non-representational frameworks for ‘making work’ about past experiences. She uses Gilles Deleuze’s writings to analyse contemporary installation art; particularly installation art practices that attempt to discuss memory. As part of her PhD, Sara worked closely with members of the Swedish hunting community, and considered how this community as a ‘minor’ group operate within dominant Swedish culture.

Sara is a practicing installation artist and has exhibited internationally since 1999. Her research interests include alternative systems of thought, photography, memory studies, (non)representation, installation art, and Deleuzian concepts of the encounter, affect, assemblage and minor/major. She is the Course Leader in Contextual Studies at Ravensbourne in London, UK.